Lobby 2


A space where historic architecture meets contemporary design, the lobby is perfect for all types of events, corporate or cultural.

Capacity: 150 People

Salle Gault 2

Gault Room

The Gault room is the ideal place for business meetings and meetings of great minds.

Capacity: 40 People

Frederick meeting space

Frederick Room

The Frederick Room offers an elegant and intimate setting for a meeting or group discussion between friends, colleagues or business partners.

Capacity: 10 People

Library 2


Bright and friendly, our open-plan library offers a relaxed atmosphere for your meetings

Capacity: 15 People



An exceptional space, as well for a meeting as for a group meeting.

Capacity: 6 People

Apartement deluxe 2

Apartment Deluxe

Hotel Gault’s largest suite offers the opportunity for a meeting with a view of Old Montreal, complete with a kitchenette, a large work table and a sitting area.

Capacity: 10 People

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